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Yui Hatano was told by the director, "Don't talk!" Even though the atmosphere was different from usual, she tried to tighten her mouth and hold back her panting voice, but she was continuously caressed by an actor who couldn't hide his excitement, and she accidentally revealed his voice with a confused expression. In a quiet room, I made an unpleasant sound like Kuchukuchupanpan, and when I gritted my teeth and contorted my face, a large amount of vaginal sperm overflowed from my pussy! Hatano, mouth and ears covered with a monkey and headphones, devoted all her time to masturbation. The extraordinary climax is blocked by the five senses, making me go crazy and unable to stand my point of view! Hatano, whose hands and feet were tied, felt frustrated by the actor's caresses and was speechless. When I was blindfolded and had a big cock inserted, I was brutally sucked into a sensitive and sharp body! Hatano, who was completely on fire, attacked the actor for not having enough for a vaginal cum shot. Everything was released, and she squeezed out every drop of semen with her honest body like a liberated beast...! !

CEMD-383 Take me to the top on a cold night
 Movie Code: CEMD-383 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Yui Hatano