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Yuko's patience has reached its limit due to the nuisance of Takahashi, a young man in the neighborhood. If you are careful, he will counterattack with insults to women and sexual harassment. Yuko, who had finally lost patience, decided to punish her. First, Yuko used force to drag Takahashi into the house. He toyed with Takahashi using a seductive technique to make him understand politeness towards adults with sexual domination that broke his heart. Takahashi, who was overwhelmed by the sudden change in Yuko, who thought she was a gentle aunt, completely froze. Even if you are forced to play humiliatingly by pressing your armpit to the tip of your nose and smelling your body odor...

FERA-174 Stepmother's seductive breasts...
 Movie Code: FERA-174 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Yuko Shiraki